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Gospel Music Nashville Advert
Fresh Well Media presents Gospel Music Nashville-- a nationally syndicated television show and live music event that features the best-voices in Christian and Gospel music. This exciting televised program includes a variety of musical styles from Southern Gospel and Bluegrass to Contemporary Christian and Praise & Worship.
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A Fresh Well of Media

Welcome to Fresh Well Media!

At Fresh Well Media our goal is to help faith-based organizations and individual ministries succeed in their callings by communicating a positive message in today’s global digital marketplace. We are a content development production company that provides a variety of media expertise from consulting and producing, to creating new and innovative ideas for the broadcast industry.

Media Consulting
Promotional Service
Music Publishing & Production

Whether you are looking for a new direction for your organization, have an idea for a television show or an artist that needs a cutting-edge music video… Fresh Well Media can lead you to the right solution. With professional media experience and high-quality service, Fresh Well Media will produce a product that is right for your organization’s vision or your individual Ministry. We create content that is compelling and meaningful to help bring your ideas to